Level 3 Test

Suggested minimum age: 10


To be working towards developing a balanced seat independent of the reins


Mount and dismount
Know how to alter stirrups correctly when mounted
Know how to check girths
Sit correctly at the walk and be able to describe the correct position
Hold the reins correctly and carry a whip in either hand
Walk on a loose rein and shorten the reins
Begin to demonstrate a balanced seat in trot and canter
Count their pony’s rhythm in trot
Correct use of legs as aids
Simple turns and circles in walk and trot
Rising trot on either diagonal, change of diagonal
Show a few strides of sitting trot through transitions
Walk without stirrups
Ride up and down hills in walk
Ride over a single pole and very small fence
To understand and describe the aids to halt, walk, trot, canter and circles, and be able to apply them
Give a simple definition of a pony or horse working forwards
Be able to explain rhythm - evenness and regularity in trot

Pony / Horse Care

To have some knowledge of care and working a pony or horse
Put on a saddle pad, saddle and bridle
Have some knowledge of correctly fitting tack
Elementary care of saddlery and importance
Catch a pony or horse and turn it out in a field
Lead a pony or horse in hand at walk and trot and turn correctly
Names and uses of essential grooming kit
Show how to use a dandy brush
Pick up and pick out feet
Points of the pony or horse, colors and markings


The manual of horsemanship - read the sections below:


  • Points of the pony
  • Colors and markings
  • Putting on saddle and briddle
  • Unsaddling
  • Saddle and -briddle fitting
  • To tie up correctly
  • Care of saddlery
  • Grooming
  • Aids (omit gallop and rein-back)
  • Jumping position


    Wall chart: points of the horse

    Rocking M Stables